Pte Edwin Levi Emery 3-G-5

Edwin was born on May 18 1922, the son of Ernest W. and Rosa A. Emery, of Blackpool, British Columbia i n the farming community of Lake Domay, Alberta. After about ten months’ t r a i n i n g and s e r v i c e under NRMA terms, he volunteered f o r a c t i v e duty i n the a r t i l l e r y a t Victoria on 16 Aug 44. A t Debert NS on 25 Sep he t r a n s f e r r e d t o infantry and arrived i n UK on 29 Nov 44. After h i s a r r i v a l i n NW Europe on 15 Feb 45 he first served with the Royal Regina Rifle Regiment in the Rhineland, and on 14 Mar 45 t r a n s f e r r e d t o 1 C SCOT R, in ‘D’ Coy. He served in the engagements at Emmerich and Deventer.

Edwin was killed in action on Saturday April 21 45 age 22 on the first day of the battle  to  liberate Wagenborgen. He was temporarily buried in Siddeburen  and on February 15 1946 reburied in Holten.


His medals were:1939-45 Star, France Germany Star, War Medal 1945; CVSM & Clasp.

His name is mentioned at the monument in Wagenborgen.