Maj Anthony Compton Lundie 03-G-14

Anthony ‘Tony’ Compton Lundie was born on 20 February 1915 in Oakburn, Manitoba, the son of Cuthbert and Mrs. M. Compton Lundie of Duncan British Columbia.

After completing his High School education on Vancouver Island, he found employment as a merchant clerk. And he was member of the Church of England. His sports were tennis, rugby and fishing and he read fiction and travel magazines. He was board member and organisator of sport clubs.

He joined in 1935 after his job the 1st Bn of The Canadian Scottish in Victoria British Columbia. Having moved to Duncan, he was called out on September 6 1939 as a Pte in the 2nd Bn (MG) and appointed L/Cpl a week l a t e r. On January 25 1940 he was promoted to Corporal and appointed L/Sgt the same day. He was promoted to Sergeant on June 11 40 ,as a Category “A” volunteer, and was t r a n s f e r r e d t o the 1st Bn f o r overseas duty on 19 June 19 1940. Having married in the meantime with Mary Agnes Compton-Lundie, he proceeded to Debert Camp, NS in October 40, and disembarked in Greenock, Scotland, with the un i t , on  September 2 1941.

As a highly regarded senior NCO, he was selected for  r e t u r n t o Canada on 7 Apr 42 as a candidate f o r  o f f i c e r t r a i n i n g , and graduated early in September as a 2nd Lieut a t OTC(WC) in Victoria. By 10 December 10 1942 he had q u a l i f i e d and been appointed Lieutenant ( I n f a n t r y ) a t A.16 in Calgary and arrived back in UK on December 18 19 42. On  Jan 16 1943 he rejoined the 1st Bn and was appointed 21C of the newly-formed Anti-Tank Platoon of Support Coy. In t h i s r o l e he landed on June 6 1944 in Normandy on D-Day, and was promoted Captain and OC A-Tk Platoon on 6 Nov 44.

On 6 Feb 45 he briefly became Adjutant, u n t i l appointed t o command ‘D’ Coy in the acting rank of Major, on 10 Feb 45. He saw service at Moyland Wood, at Emmerich, Germany and Deventer.

Anthony was k i l l e d in action on Saturday April 21 age 30 during the liberation of Wagenborgen. He was temporarily buried in Siddeburen and on February 15 1946 reburied in Holten

His medals were: 1939-45 Star, France-Germany S t a r , War Medal 1945; Defence Medal, CVSM & Clasp and he was Mentioned in Dispatches f o r gallantry and d i s t i n g u i s h e d  service.

His name is mentioned at the monument  in Wagenborgen.